Attention Participants & Volunteers!

THANK YOU for signing up for this event! By biking, running, or walking, you’re raising much needed funds to complete our school building project for the children of Haiti. You’re also helping to bring awareness to one of the greatest humanitarian needs on the globe.

Here’s what you need to know to be ready for race day:

1. CHECK YOUR CALENDAR: Saturday, Sept 14

BIKE RIDE: 6:15 am registration | 7:00 am ride start

IMPORTANT: The ride will start at 7AM sharp, and you must wear your helmet.

5K RUN/WALK: 8:00 am registration | 8:30 am Kids fun race | 9:00 am 5K race/walk

Location: COC Cougar Football Stadium


Get your cheering section to this event! Maybe they’ll be inspired to run or walk too! They can also make a sponsorship donation in your name. See instructions on: This Page


As temperatures continue to soar here in Santa Clarita, be sure that you have a light but hearty breakfast the morning of the event. It is equally important that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after the race. Your safety is our #1 concern.

If you have any further questions leading up to the event, please call Mark Montoya at 661-917-9623 or use our Contact Form on this site.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Help!

Three years ago, Diana Osterhues and Frank Schiro of Santa Clarita, California, went on a short trip to Haiti. They didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a long-term commitment.

On the plane ride home, they knew God was calling them to do more. “We really wanted to make something lasting,” says Diana. Inspired by their common interest in running, they decided to host their first annual Run/Walk for Haiti. But they needed to find an nonprofit to partner with.
Through their church, they discovered Children of the Nations (COTN). At the time, Real Life Church, in Valencia, California, was hosting a Million Meal Marathon with COTN—assembling meals to feed children in Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. It was an easy decision for Diana and Frank. That year, they gave all the race proceeds to support COTN’s ministry in Haiti.
The first race went so well, Diana and Frank decided to make it an annual event. 
The first race, held in Santa Clarita, California, was a success, and Diana and Frank quickly saw that this would become an annual event. But this year, the third annual race, Diana and Frank went the extra mile.
This spring, Diana and Frank joined a  Venture Trip to see for themselves how their efforts are changing children’s lives in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. “It just energized me,” Frank said upon returning, “it affirms that we’re doing the right thing.” Now they’re eager to share their experience with race participants.
In the midst of terrible poverty Frank says he was struck by the amazing hope these children now have.
“There’s such a need in Haiti for help and guidance,” says Frank. But they saw hope in the middle of school yard in Bellevue, Haiti. As Diana interacted with the seventy-five children in COTN’s Haiti Village Partnership Program, she was amazed by the joy they had, even in the midst of their circumstances. “Kids are kids,” says Diana. “It’s about allowing them to be kids, to have fun, be safe, and to have enough nutrition.”
“I’m definitely going back!” says Diana. She loved talking and playing with the children.
While they were in Haiti, Diana and Frank were struck with the urgent need for a school in the community COTN ministers to. Diana and Frank hope the proceeds from this year’s race will bring COTN one step closer to building a school in the community of Bellevue. They believe hundreds of children’s lives will be transformed as a result, just as they saw in the Dominican Republic.
Currently, children in Haiti meet in a makeshift shelter for after-school activities and meals. On their trip, Frank and Diana saw the huge need for a school building and feeding center to serve these children. 
Because of partners like you, over the last sixteen years, hundreds of children in the Dominican Republic, once hopeless and out of school, now look forward to bright futures thanks to a good education, nutrition, and medical care. COTN has only been working in Haiti for three years, but because they visited the Dominican Republic as well, Diana and Frank felt like they got a glimpse into the future possibilities in Haiti. “We’ve seen it,” says Diana.  “We get it now.”

This year, participants may choose to race in the 5K or compete in the twenty-five mile tour for bicyclists.
If you want to be part of providing education for children in Haiti, there is still time to register for the race! The third annual Run/Walk or Bike for Haiti will be held September 14, 2013 at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. If you’re not a local, Frank says, “You can help from far away!” Support a participant or donate directly to the cause.
Another great way to help is to sponsor a child in Haiti!

by Heather Ostalkiewicz, COTN–USA Staff Writer

The Day I Met My Sponsored Child

I was as happy as could be, sitting under a makeshift tent in Haiti, listening to dozens of children singing their favorite Bible songs.  But I couldn’t quite sit still.  In just a few minutes I would meet my sponsored child, Staina, for the first time.
With a big grin, the translator, Daniel, waved at me and pointed to a little girl.  I recognized her immediately.  I’d had her picture hanging on my fridge for months.  With great enthusiasm I introduced myself.  She gave me a little smile and then quietly studied me as I continued talking.
"I wish every sponsor had the opportunity to meet their sponsored child."
“It was an indescribable feeling to sit side by side with Staina. I hope my visit encouraged her. I wish every sponsor had the opportunity to meet their sponsored child.”
What was she thinking, I wondered.  Was she happy to meet me?  Was she as nervous as I was?  But after I pulled out the pink T-shirt and hair bows I’d brought, her smile grew.  Just like that, we were on our way to becoming friends.
Now that I’d met Staina, she was no longer just a picture on my fridge.  She was now a precious little person standing in front of me.  Suddenly I felt the weight of responsibility.  How could God take something so simple as my $32 a month, and use it to transform this little girl into a young woman ready to share God’s love with the world?  Wasn’t there more I could do?
“I’d heard pink was Staina’s favorite color, so everything I bought was pink."
“I’d heard pink was Staina’s favorite color, so everything I brought, even the soap, was pink.”
I said a quick prayer as I watched Staina scroll through the pictures on my phone, and God reminded me that he was more than capable of caring for her.  He had turned two fishes and five loaves of bread into food for thousands of people.  And he could use my meager $32 to not only change Staina’s life, but the lives of the people in her family and her community.
I was suddenly overwhelmed by the miracle happening in Staina’s life.  Before Children of the Nations (COTN) found her, Staina’s family didn’t have enough money to send her to school.  She didn’t have enough food to eat.  Now, she eats a nutritious meal every day, she gets good grades in school, and learns about God’s love along with the other 74 children in the Village Partnership Program.
Every afternoon, Staina joins other children to eat, play games, learn about God
Every afternoon, Staina joins 74 other children to eat, play games, and learn about God during COTN’s after-school program.
Today I’m thanking God for allowing me to be a small part of Staina’s life.  What a privilege it will be to watch her grow.  I wonder what she’ll be like at 18 years old.  What will she be passionate about?  What career will she have?
Whatever God has planned for her, I’ll keep praying for her, writing to her, and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to visit her again someday soon!

God Opens a Door in Haiti

Under the Caribbean sun, the big tent heats up quickly. But the children don’t seem to notice. They sit wriggling on red benches listening to their classmates sing their favorite Bible songs. This is the Christienne Mixte d’Echalotte, a Haitian school that hosts the Children of the Nations (COTN) after-school program. Here, all seventy-five children in COTN’s Haiti Village Partnership Program (VPP) have a place to gather every day.

“It offers the children a place of refuge and hope,” says Marc Antoine Michel, COTN’s VPP coordinator in Haiti. The children not only sing songs and play games here, they also eat a nutritious meal that for some is the only food they get all day.

The children play games led by Venture participants during the after-school program.

After the 2010 earthquake, when COTN and its partners began caring for children in Haiti, they looked for local leaders who were willing to help provide for the children. Madame Adeline A. Saturne, founder of the school and pastor of the local church, was happy to provide space for COTN. She first came to this part of her country in 1948 as a missionary with her husband. “Our two visions and missions fit together,” Marc Antoine says of COTN and Madame Saturne.

Nineteen of the VPP children already attend Madame Saturne’s school. The rest attend other schools nearby. Madame Saturne’s commitment to education and God makes the school a good place for the children. And COTN is looking to provide new training and curriculum opportunities for the teachers to enhance every student’s education.

Through child sponsorship, seven-year-old Woodlee is able to attend Madame Saturne’s school. Every afternoon, he stays on campus for the after-school program. “I want to be a doctor so I can help transform my community and myself,” Woodlee says proudly. Woodlee’s mother sees the Village Partnership Program as an answer to prayer. “God opened a door,” she explains. Now she says she has peace knowing her children are gaining two of the most important things in life: a heart for God and a good education.

As a sponsored child, Woodlee (in red) is able to attend school. “God opened a door,” Woodlee’s mother says of the sponsorship program.

“We’re looking to mobilize partners around the children as much as we can,” says Marc Antoine. The parents and leaders of the community see this partnership and are learning to trust COTN more and more.

“God has blessed us multiple ways,” Marc Antoine says. He sees a long list of needs, but as he sits under the hot tent and explains the vision God has given him for the future, he says with a smile full of faith, “God will provide.”

by Heather Ostalkiewicz, COTN–USA Staff Writer

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